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In addition Pandora jewelry is another unique place is the quality of a material of each material are different. The use of new materials constantly challenges the vision of people as one commentator put it maybe we'll get used to that jewelry can be formal is life it can be romantic avant-garde can also along with the gender pandora silver charms, interesting; It can be a gold can also is wood ceramic and even recycled cans skins. Pandora jewelry is a master of this idea she does not expect on the edge of the glass ceramic enamel these materials will replace diamond gold as leading role but their freshness to jewelry industry and the breakthrough of philosophy and enlightenment is worth people to value. Clear glass rustic ceramic colorful enamel etc. The string is not just a bunch of jewelry the string is more of a personality a kind of spirit and a kind of state. Pandora is not simply bring the temptation of form and color more is that people create art and the creation of injection of thoughts and ideas

PANDORA faceted glass hanging the use of the legendary Italian coloured glaze made by hand such as rainbow flowery autumn is the most abundant color combination. The coloured glaze was hanging embedded silver inner ring and PANDORA bracelet classic and perfect fit. There are red blue pandora charms, pink black white and purple are available. You can follow one's inclinations to build your own personality image. Join a special silver hanging ornament add clever colour color for your dress; Compose with gem pendant moment to promote female temperament. Autumn new gold hanging ornament will decorate character lines and enamel material these elements are added to the PANDORA senior jewelry style of keeping the pace with The Times. Retro female temperament and modern novel excitation tags shows the new gold PANDORA exquisite technology and design adhere to the luxury material. ANDORA this autumn the new series adopts twisting line body appearance clever and winding like measures not only have light design and lasting durability more appropriately add beauty attire for you day and night. This series winding style added a deepening of visual effect pandora silver charms, guanghua dazzling jewelry is both shine and perceptual autumn is the most attractive option.

ANDORA relies on its unique personal design tags hand catenary and have fame customers can along with the personal preferences and ideas from more than 1000 people to build sterling silver and 14 k gold choose commemorative value or significance of hanging style free collocation. In addition the brand also provides several other precious materials elaborate jewelry series. Now the PANDORA's sales network has over 70 countries around the world. Today the PANDORA is more welcomed Beijing ShuangAn store grand opening. In order to celebrate this special moment PANDORA specially invited a number of important guests and the media attend the grand opening ceremony. Wangfujing department store co. LTD. vice President of ms wang yu wangfujing department store group general manager Mr Tian Huailiang ShuangAn store along with the brand agent managing director of Mr Ceng Qinglong and deputy general manager ms Shen Jingjing to participate the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Moral activities more wonderful lion dance PANDORA Beijing ShuangAn shop business is thriving the grand-opening.

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